MK-NN: Program for MLP training and analysis

download MKNN v.0.947

The datasets must be in text files of the following format: xor and must be saved with a .dat extension.

About MK-NN
MK-NN Features
How to use the program
The user's guide is obviously under construction and I am not sure if I finish it whenever.

Fig.1. The main form

There are many options in the program, which work correctly only in certain configurations. I will describe below only the most typical usage scenario: The labels are associated with hints - place the mouse cursor on the label to read the hint. If the program stops working correctly - delete mknn.ini. This is the file where the configuration is kept. After deleting the file, the program starts with default parameters.

Fig. 2. Error Surface page on the main form

Fig. 3. Network and Error page on the main form

Fig. 4. SMLP page on the main form

Fig. 5. Plots page on the main form

Fig. 6. Numerical Gradient page on the main form

Fig. 7. Error Surface Form

Fig. 8. Trajectory 2D form

... and many other plots.

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