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  Mirosław Kordos


Professional Interests

Education and Job History

Selected Publications

The publications are sorted by topic, not chronologically.

Data Selection and Evolutionary Optimization

Neural Networks

Image Recognition and Other Topics

Scientific Activities

Research Projects:

Reviews for Scientific Journals:

Presentations at scientific conferences

Scientific cooperation

Achievements in Intelligent Software Development

.NET, SQL, TensorFlow, OpenCV, RapidMiner, Python and various other technologies, usually several in each system



A mixture of Pascal, dBase, Clipper

Extra Activities: Computer networks and server infrastructure specialist

The experience gained in this area gave me a comprehensive view of the IT environment in companies, including as well technology as management. Currently this allows me to well adjust my work in the main area of competence to cooperate with the rest of the environment both technologically and organizationally.




Extra Activities: Lecturer and Instructor

Courses for students

IT Seminars and instructing end users

Raising the next generation

Other Interests

Enhancing my research efficiency by studying and applying the knowledge of how the brain works and how to use it effectively

  • Computational models of brain activity.
  • Learning, memorizing, reasoning and problem solving techniques.
  • Taking part in related conferences and workshops.
  • Not using counterproductive techniques. An example is alcohol, which damages dendrites in the brain. While most of the damage is reversible, some damage is permanent. Every beer you drink makes your brain function less efficiently forever. Drinking alcohol is illogical not only because of impacts on body and brain functioning but also due to the social and economic davastation it causes. For this reason, as a person why wants to act logically, I never drink beer, nor champagne at the new year party, nor any other alcohol.

Enhancing my research efficiency by sports exercises to improve brain oxygenation

Creative Commons License. You are free to copy, share and adapt all articles and software from my web page, provided that you attribute the work to me and place a link to my home page. What you build upon my works may be distributed only under the same or similar license and you may not distort the meaning of my original texts. Miroslaw Kordos